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Viewer & Programming Research

GfK MRI's 'Future of TV Series' tracks the evolution of TV from all perspectives: Audience, content, consumption and platform.

Track the future of linear TV and identify the main drivers shifting viewing behavior.

To track these constantly shifting consumption trends, GfK MRI’s Cord Evolution® looks at the entire spectrum of ‘Cord Loving (and even Increasing)’ behavior, down to ‘Cord Cutting (and Never)’ behavior. Every quarter, a new wave of data will demonstrate the evolution of these TV viewing trends over time. Across this spectrum, a total of ten cord cutting groups will be tracked and fully integrated into our Survey of the American Consumer® within the personal interview. This will provide ongoing insights into viewer behavior on a one-to-one match with all Survey respondents.

Track what is going on in ever-evolving TV landscape.

As part of our aim to study today’s American consumer, GfK MRI’s TV Share of Clock® study (of our Survey of the American Consumer®) helps you to track what is going on in today’s ever-evolving TV landscape. From what types of content consumers are watching, to how they choose to now watch their content, we explore TV consumption preferences across today’s TV viewers over time. We also provide shifts in share of clock preferences for different access portals.

Explore and quantify your network and audiences unique value. 

GfK MRI’s Network Brand Optimization® provides an in-depth analysis of how to leverage the optimal positioning of both your network and your audiences. We then link these insights to data from our Survey of the American Consumer®. Through this integration, you will be able to identify unique selling points of your network, your shows, and your audiences. Through our data, you get more actionable insights into which advertisers provide the highest opportunity for ad sales, and which audience segments should be targeted for each target advertiser (by show block as well). 

Create more strategic content.

GfK MRI’s TV Content Drivers® provides valuable insights along two key levels:

  1. To help programming understand what types of content viewers actually want to see, based on what DRIVES them to their current programming choices
  2. To help marketing create optimal positioning and messaging for each of their shows that actually resonate with what viewers want and expect

Through our granular genre and show level analysis, we lift the hood of today’s TV viewers to unveil what they seek out to watch among the fragmented content landscape. We go beyond just what they are viewing, so you understand WHY people are viewing what they do, and what these shows are providing that differentiates them.