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The Survey of the American Consumer®

The better the process, the better the results

We get to know America's consumers face-to-face. A key component of our data collection methodology is the personal, in-home interview. It yields the most representative sample of adult consumers in the US Not everyone has a landline, so not everyone can be reached with telephone surveys. And not everyone can be reached online. But everyone can be reached at home. It's the best way to generate the best results.

Focus on the process, and the results will speak for themselves.

Two-stage process for maximum data

Data collection for the Survey of the American Consumer® is a two-stage process. In each stage the personal approach advances the reliability of the data.

Every year for the Survey we interview 25,000 consumers in their homes. Interviewers observe and verify household and respondent characteristics and collect demographic and media usage data. In 2014, GfK MRI began to test administering the personal interview on a tablet, making the data collection experience a more seamless one, for respondents and interviewers. We also solicit respondents' cooperation for participation in the second, self-administered phase of the process. 

Here is just the beginning of what the Survey of the American Consumer® measures:

  • Demographics, Lifestyles & Attitudes 
  • Age, Sex, Occupation, Income 
  • Home Ownership 
  • Children in Household 
  • Business Responsibilities 
  • Personal & Business Travel 
  • Public Activities 
  • Leisure Activities 
  • Consumer Attitudes 
  • Political Outlook 
  • Hundreds of Psychographic Questions

Dozens of categories. Hundreds of brands. Thousands of products. We leave few stones unturned in our quest to find out as much as possible about the products and services that American consumers buy and use, including...


Health aids and remedies


Home & household


Household furnishings



Consumer technology

Personal care products


Prescription drugs

Groceries, household items


Gum, snacks & candy

Retail & specialty stores

Health & Beauty Travel