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Magazine Research

The first ROI metrics for magazines.

GfK MRI’s AdMeasure empowers print with the granular ROI-focused ad ratings it needs to compete with other media. It delivers the accountability that print advertisers and publishers have long been looking for.

We leverage three GfK MRI media studies to produce AdMeasure’s comprehensive ad ratings: our benchmark Survey of the American Consumer®; the Issue Specific Study, which measures readership for individual issues of magazines; and Starch, the industry standard in ad effectiveness research. 

A detailed and comprehensive data on the performance and effectiveness of individual print ads.

GfK MRI’s Starch Advertising Research delivers key metrics for magazine ad readership and deep insight into the involvement readers have with specific ads, including:

  • ad readership levels: noted, associated, ”read any” and ”read most” ratings 
  • actions taken 
  • brand disposition 
  • purchase behavior or intention 
  • publication and advertising engagement 
  • demographics: age; gender; education; marital status; children in household; race; ethnicity; household income 

The Starch Ad Traits database covers a wide range of the content attributes that potentially drive print ad readership. Hundreds of thousands of ads are rated across more than 50 elements in six categories: Form and Structure, Enticement, Location and Context, Content, Contact Info and Keywords. 

Every issue of every measured magazine.

GfK MRI’s innovative Issue Specific Readership Study delivers issue audience metrics and helps magazines compete more effectively with other media. Issue Specific is conducted online in order to achieve the stability of large samples in a compressed time period.

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