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Generational Research

Kids, in depth and in context.

Children are much more difficult to reach and interview for a national survey than adults. Our solution to that challenge is to recruit young respondents from households that have already participated in the Survey of the American Consumer®. We contact them by mail, offer an age appropriate incentive and have them fill out kid-friendly questionnaires. We also ask their caregivers to monitor and contribute to the study from their own perspective. The result is a reliable national sample of the 44 million households sheltering some of the country's most influential consumers – kids age 6 to 11. 

The American Kids Study™ mirrors the adult Survey: demographics, media usage, lifestyles and attitudes. 

We know how to reach America's teenagers. 

They are already seasoned consumers, but more interested in the new and the now than the tried and true. And they're typically difficult to reach with a market survey – but not for us. 

Every year for GfK MRI’s Teenmark® study, we contact young consumers, age 12 to 19, in households that have participated in the Survey of the American Consumer®. We ask them about their lives, their likes and dislikes. What they buy and how much they have to spend. The media they use and how they use their mobile devices. 

We also collect extensive psychographic metrics across a broad range of subjects, including those of particular interest to teenagers such as Volunteerism and Yourself. For more information about the attitudinal data and segmentations from Teenmark®, see our Psychographic Sourcebook

TwelvePlus® Database 

TwelvePlus® combines Teenmark® data with common variables from the adult Survey of the American Consumer to produce a comprehensive database of all consumers age 12 or older in the US. 

Marketing insight from generation to generation 

BoomerView segments the Survey of the American Consumer® database into age groups of particular interest to marketers. It provides marketers with a comprehensive understanding of pre-boomers, baby boomers, Generation X, and Millenials. 

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