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Cross-Media Research

Moving Beyond Demographics

The Nielsen TV/GfK MRI Data Fusion is based on data from two of the most widely respected studies in media and consumer research: Nielsen's National People Meter (NPM), the currency for TV audience measurement, and GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer, the gold standard for magazine audience measurement and insights into consumer behavior and motivations. 

Charting media brand audiences across platforms. 

We have joined forces with Nielsen to produce Net//MRI, a unified dataset of off-line and online media brand usage by American consumers.

Net//MRI fuses multimedia consumer data from the Survey of the American Consumer® with page-view click-stream data from Nielsen Online. This enables us to deliver duplicated and unduplicated audience metrics for traditional media brands with complementary websites. You can use the data to evaluate the efficiency of cross-media schedules and the development of new strategies to support circulation and drive site traffic.

A Breakthrough in Online Targeting 

GfK MRI and Datalogix have entered into a unique partnership, Digital TargetBuilder, to convert GfK MRI-defined targets into audiences that can be deployed online.

Breaking down the silos between offline and online media planning and buying, Digital TargetBuilder taps into Datalogix's powerful database, the leading source of audiences for online advertising. DLX can apply GfK MRI targets to online audiences available with virtually every major online media company, including portals, exchanges, ad networks, DPSs, DMPs and Agency Trading Desks.

comScore-GfK MRI

The comScore-GfK MRI fusion links Americans’ online media habits with print readership and other media consumption data, including product and brand usage. The fusion can help you target online consumers, optimize your media mix for cross-channel campaigns and generate unduplicated cross-media audience reach.

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