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Consumer Research

GfK MRI’s innovative, standard-setting research delivers:

  • A vast library of quantitative data about consumers’ product purchases and usage, much of it tracking back over 30 years; 
  • An encyclopedic repository of consumers’ attitudes, opinions and mindsets; 
  • Broad coverage of consumers’ media habits and preferences; 
  • Detailed marketing data nationally and for all 205 media markets in the continental U.S.

The Survey of the American Consumer®

One source, complete market data. The Survey of the American Consumer® is the basis of all that GfK MRI does. All information is collected from a single set of respondents, ensuring data integrity and reliability.

The Survey provides a detailed view of the 226 million adult consumers in the U.S. – their media choices, demographics, lifestyles and attitudes, and usage of almost 6,500 products in 600 categories. That is about as complete as any consumer research study can get.

Discover more about The Survey of the American Consumer®

One source, complete Hispanic Market data. 

GfK MRI fully represents the Spanish-speaking market in the Survey of the American Consumer®. The high response rate among Spanish-dominant consumers is strong evidence of the power of the personal interview as the Survey’s core methodology.

The power and precision of GfK MRI applied to local markets.

Market-by-Market delivers at the local level – 205 media markets in the continental U.S. - the data quality and reliability that marketers have come to expect from GfK MRI at the national level. Just about everything collected for the national Survey of the American Consumer® is available in Market-by-Market – demographics and lifestyles, media usage and exposure, consumer actions and attitudes, psychographics and volumetrics, consumer segmentations drawn from attitudinal and behavioral questions in the Survey. 

Make the GfK MRI Survey your own custom survey.

The Omnibus Re-Contact Study enables marketers to address their own questions directly to respondents in GfK MRI’s the Survey of the American Consumer®. Clients can integrate Omnibus data with the Survey and analyze new proprietary data in a national and competitive context without incurring the high costs of independent research. 

A closer look to influential markets.

The Survey of the American Consumer's annual sample of 25,000 respondents allows you to zoom in on different market segments and produce highly detailed and reliable reports about them. 

Five segmentation reports are available to Survey subscribers… 

  • Consumer Innovators  examines new product usage and receptivity in five consumer categories: Electronics, Finance, Home Appliances, Leisure and Food. 
  • LeisureStyles focuses on eight groups of consumers: Outdoor Energetics, Collectors, General Actives, Nesters, Party People, Golfers, Hunters & Fishers and Passives. 
  • The Upper Deck concentrates on affluent consumers, segmented into five lifestyle groups based on marital status, parenthood, occupation and household income. 
  • Business-to-Business identifies purchase decision makers across eight business-related product and service segments. 
  • Top Market Reports replicates the national survey in each of the country’s largest DMA’s. 

Custom media research for media marketers who want to amplify their understanding of their audiences.

GfK MRI offers custom research programs for media companies seeking to better understand their readers, viewers and web visitors. The custom research may be conducted utilizing a wide array of methodologies – online, in-book, via custom reader panels or via mail studies – all designed to understand the marketing value media companies offer their audiences and advertisers. Our expertise in media audience research ensures quality execution and reliable, actionable results. And being able to benchmark new data against the GfK MRI Survey of the American Consumer® database ensures data reliability.

Insight into how consumers see themselves.

Segmenting consumers by their responses to psychographic questions can deliver insights into motivations or behaviors that are unavailable with market analyses based only on demographics. 

Partnering for different angles.

GfK MRI offers comprehensive segmentations from data partners that can be cross-tabbed against the thousands of data points in GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer®. 

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