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Access & Analysis

Leveling the playing field for magazines.

Marketing Mix Modeling has traditionally favored television, which reports gross rating points for TV on a weekly basis for local markets--the preferred inputs for most modelers because sales data is also provided on a weekly basis at the local level.

Granularity, a syndicated product by GfK MRI, now levels the playing field for magazines with local market weekly print data for Marketing Mix Modeling. 

Mining for insight has never been easier.

MEMRI is GfK MRI's proprietary analysis software package. MEMRI provides unlimited subscriber access to over two decades of GfK MRI's consumer and media database, and to a number of other syndicated and custom studies. 

MEMRI also can access a number of third party syndicated studies, including the Mendelssohn Affluent Survey, and top-line Alliance for Audited Media reports. 

Fuse data sources to provide data-driven insights. 

GfK MRI’s 360° Consumer Modeling, an advanced data fusion solution, (powered by the Survey of the American Consumer®) will seamlessly link the WHAT provided by your proprietary consumer database, with the WHO provided by GfK MRI American Consumer data. Through advanced matching and modeling techniques, every data point or consumer within the proprietary database is now matched with richer data, allowing you to understand each of your consumers from a complete 360° perspective. 

Successfully activate on defined segments. 

Whether your custom segments were developed directly from your consumer database, another measurement database, or a proprietary custom survey, you need to understand what to do next. Through your defined segments, you have managed to understand your core and even potential consumers along key demographic and behavioral differentiators. 

However, those insights bring you only part of the way there. You need more actionable insights for precision targeting and developing your campaign strategy. Researchers and marketers alike now require more robust data sources for better business decisions to ACTIVATE on their target consumer segments. 

GfK MRI’s Precision Targeting brings your segments to life through the integration of distinct data sources. Through our custom fusion solution, you can integrate or ‘load’ your custom segments onto our full database for additional profiling of your segments. 

Open the door to creative analysis. 

Respondent level data from GfK MRI's Survey of the American Consumer™ opens the door to creative analysis, enabling marketers to respond to a variety of marketing analyses not possible with projected data.

Learn by doing.

University Internet Reporter (UIR) provides access to the Survey of the American Consumer® for academic use by students and teachers. Students can also tap into Teenmark® and several of our segmentation reports, including Top Markets, Business-to-Business and The Upper Deck.

The best numbers in the industry.

We add value to proprietary consumer databases because we deliver the best consumer and media research data available.

We have dozens of data partners who depend on the Survey of the American Consumer® to strengthen their own consumer databases.  Just about any company that maintains a customer database can "partner" with us to enhance and deepen insights into their data.

Some of our data partners include: Acxiom, BlueKai, Civis Analytics, Cogencia, comScore, CReality Mine (USA Touchpoints), Datalogix, Epsilon, eXelate, Infogroup ESRI, IXI, Keller Fay, Lotame, Nielsen, Pointlogic, Rentrak, Ruf Strategic Solutions, Strategic Business Insights (VALS).

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